Do I need a stand mixer? Here are 5 reasons why you definitely do

Do I need a stand mixer? Here are 5 reasons why you definitely do

Do you really need a stand mixer? Yes you do.

Many people have sticker shock or worry how much space it will take up. But to me, the pros outweigh the cons.

Here are my top five reasons why.

1. Whisking is much, much easier with a stand mixer

This thing should be called the KitchenAid Stand Whisker. Because whisking with a stand mixer is a pretty major upgrade over using an electric hand mixer.

Whipping a liquid out of its liquid state — like whipped cream or whipping egg whites into stiff peaks — takes a bit of time. You need to create enough little air pockets that emulsion happens. There are three tools you could use for this: a hand whisk, an electric hand mixer, and a stand mixer.

Stand mixer vs. hand mixer vs. whisk

Getting to your desired consistency could take up to five minutes. With a whisk, that’s a major arm workout and a chunk of time where you can’t be doing anything else. Hand mixers are an improvement, because you aren’t giving your forearms a Popeye workout. But you still need to be standing over the bowl, giving it your full attention.

But with a stand mixer, not only is a machine doing the job, but you don’t have to hover over the bowl. Obviously you don’t want to completely ignore it. But if you’re whipping something, there’s a chance you’re multitasking a bunch of other things —  prepping other ingredients, taking things out of the oven, double checking your recipe, entertaining guests. Having this extra time is a huge benefit.

2. It lasts a lifetime (and you can actually, you know, use it)

Your kitchenAid mixer will probably last longer than your refrigerator. It’s an heirloom product you can enjoy for life. And the traditional heirloom items — fine china, real silverware — just aren’t as exciting to younger generations. We grew up on the Food Network, baking blogs, and Instagram. We want to actually use our kitchen heirlooms, not lock them away in the parlor.

3. It gets more valuable over time (seriously)

The KitchenAid Stand Mixer isn’t just a product, it’s a platform.

To understand what I mean, think of your iPhone. The value you’re getting from it isn’t just coming from the phone you unboxed, but from the whole universe of apps it gives you access to. New apps every day. Piles of untapped value is unleashed with all these news apps. New functionality, new features, cool things you couldn’t have imagined yet. Because of this, having an iPhone actually becomes more valuable to you over time, not less. That’s the power of platforms.

KitchenAid has a similar platform effect with their mixer attachments. Not only is there an awesome library of existing attachments available (like , , and ), but every year KitchenAid is releasing cool, new, innovative attachments (like this year’s exciting attachment). Combine this with the mixer’s lifetime durability, and you have a value prop that’s forever sloping up.

You won’t find a toaster that can do that.

4. Because you appreciate good design

The KitchenAid Stand Mixer’s design is iconic, literally. It’s been called an icon of American design by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. The silhouette hasn’t changed in 82 of its last 100 years. It’s timeless and will never look out of place. When every other appliance, or your entire kitchen, looks dated in 20 years, the mixer will still be right at home. You may never have an Eames Lounge or 606 shelves, but that doesn’t mean you can’t own your own piece of design history.

5. Because you really can have the best of both worlds

I always hear people asking if they should have a stand mixer or a hand mixer. Or just a whisk and some spoons and their hands. To me it’s a no brainer, you should have all of the above. You should have the stand mixer for all the reasons I’ve listed already, and you should have whisks and hand mixers as well. It’s a party, everyone’s invited.

If you don’t have these other tools already, they’re a small price to pay for all the added flexibility and freedom. Picture mixing a batter quickly with your hand mixer while your stand mixer whips up a meringue. Or stiffening egg whites for a batch of egg nog while the stand mixer kneads pie dough. The electric hand mixer on Amazon , other brands can be found for around $20. And is only $10. Now all you have to do is get your hands dirty.

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  1. We have one on our counter also bought one for son. Ours is older but much loved. The Wisk has a broken spoke and we have been trying to replace the wisk but no luck. We really need it. Stores around us just can’t help it seems. Can you please help?

    • Hey! You might try looking on Amazon. For what it’s worth, the company seems to call the whisk apparatus a ‘wire whip.’

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